from someone who doesn’t know a thing about love or gardening

your lap’s soft
as timbres whisper,

i’m your eager soil

if you need instruction:
tease me a little
plot, here

plant yourself
shallow, here

in open air
long and light
let’s burn our blues

and clear skies
with drunk rakes
we lost last winter

bite my lip,
rosy nip and cheek

come on strong,


for Verse Escape



  1. qbit · 5 Days Ago

    Drunk rakes!

  2. hedgewitch · 5 Days Ago

    I love the opening here, which seems to have all the richness of newly turned earth in its softness–and the images that follow are all in sync with that natural world where we are meant to unfold to each other…following flowery examples, and such. I like this very much. Thanks for playing, angie.

    • angie reinspired · 5 Days Ago

      Glad you are making the rounds this week. Seems like your head’s above water. Hope floats

  3. Gardens need a gardener… or if not
    enjoy the wild

  4. Kerry O'Connor · 4 Days Ago

    Some people do manage to plant themselves in our hearts. Your analogy is inspired, because it’s got me thinking of the awful responsibility of keeping a potted plant alive, how love this intense can become its own burden (speaking as one who hates to see love die despite all my careful tending).

  5. MamaMickTerry · 4 Days Ago

    Gorgeous. I can feel the earth under my nails right now…and smell it, too.
    Did you know the playing in the dirt acts as an antidepressant? Full of magnesium which is natural mood lifter.
    Look at me babbling on … little miss Happy Plants 😍

  6. paul scribbles · 4 Days Ago

    The title is stunning ( and I suspect you know far more than you let on) and what follows matches that. This is so beautifully written and earthily (i’m not sure this is a word but it says what I want it to) erotic and sensual.

  7. coalblack · 4 Days Ago

    As Ani DiFranco once sang: “Hell yeah…oh, hell yeah.”

    • angie reinspired · 4 Days Ago

      …and sometimes there’s some poetry:)

      • coalblack · 4 Days Ago

        Yes! 1,000 points for that one.

      • angie reinspired · 4 Days Ago

        What is the redemption for earned points? Just curious as to where this hobby/addiction is heading;)

  8. hypercryptical · 4 Days Ago

    Anna :o]

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