green, as a device

put away your puppets
& float fancy paper boats
without a thought

through whitewater
into fantastic

sister holly knows
doors make fantastic forms
&portals to secret matrix tables

can you believe it? three moons

&twisting &turning crystals
requires just one hand &an open palm

find your way back
from the land of lost Saturdays
from milk &sugared cereals

unless of course
you accidentally want to stay close,
chasing time like little children
unwittingly do

then, by all means
steer back towards the


for Real Toads &dVerse

[with a nod to the 1974 TV Series
Land of the Lost — sorry dinosaurs.
you didn’t make the cut. you never
scared me. you’re herbivores!]



  1. Sherry Blue Sky · 6 Days Ago

    I remember that land of lost saturdays and the sugared cereals……..more for my children than for me…….love the portals to secret matrx tables and the twisting crystals.

  2. Jim · 6 Days Ago

    I like where your fancy paper boats floated to. Growing up I generally had cereal every morning. I don’t remember anything special about Saturday except the ‘Saturday night bath.’

  3. paul scribbles · 6 Days Ago

    I just found the first episode on You Tube. OMG. You need to watch out for the Tyrannasaur.

    • angie reinspired · 6 Days Ago

      It was the worst, and the best all at the same time right?!! Technically a mess

      • paul scribbles · 6 Days Ago

        It was horrendous on every level viewing from today’s vantage point, but if I’d been 12 I would have loved it

      • angie reinspired · 6 Days Ago

        And Cha Ka predated Chaka Khan here…. lol

      • paul scribbles · 6 Days Ago

        Ha ha.

  4. MamaMickTerry · 6 Days Ago

    This felt like home – Saturday morning cartoons (and Saturday night baths ^^). The dinosaurs didn’t frighten me as much as the Sleestack did…

  5. coalblack · 6 Days Ago

    I prefer “The Land That Time Forgot”, aka my decor. I have begun taking action to update, but wouldn’t mind a triceratops on the front lawn, to prevent my having to mow it. I wonder if they bellow. Do they bellow? I want bellowing, and strange musical wheezing through its tremendous nostrils. It would also discourage siding salesmen.

    • angie reinspired · 6 Days Ago

      You would prefer to domesticate a dinosaur! Your little pet. I wonder what you would name it?

      • coalblack · 6 Days Ago

        Old Dobbin, of course.

  6. Kerry · 6 Days Ago

    You opened a door into a parallel realm, with brilliant images I was happy to lose myself in.

  7. Sanaa Rizvi · 6 Days Ago

    Such stunning images in this, Angie!❤ I was reminded of “The Land of the Lost” as I read your words 🙂 it used to be my favorite while growing up.

  8. georgeplace2013 · 6 Days Ago

    I don’t think I ever watched this though I do vaguely remember it. Just glad there are no dinos now

  9. I feel I have missed something… I think I would have loved it, I thought I knew what was to know about dinosaurs… Used to exercise my connected writing on dinosaur texts… (yes I’m old enough to have to learn that)

  10. Saturday morning cartoons… Those were the days. My sister and I loved to watch HR Puff and Stuff. It was so weird, but well, so were we. lol

  11. mhmp77 · 5 Days Ago


    then, by all means
    steer back towards the green

    The color green has that peculiar attraction of peace and quiet that Spring is always preferred for its greenery than other seasons for their colors. Very true angie!


  12. memadtwo · 5 Days Ago

    this door definitely has a mystery (K)

  13. Frank J. Tassone · 3 Days Ago

    Loved Land of the Lost! Wow, does this bring me back! 🙂

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